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Why Is Overweight A Problem?

There are many reasons why overweight people need to do something about their weight problem.  Let’s take a look at some of these reasons.

High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, skeletal disorders (such as arthritis and gall bladder disease) are amongst many health reasons which may precipitate a reason for losing weight.

There may be a lack of energy to enjoy socialising and/or a lack of desire to be social due to real or perceived prejudice in the community against overweight people.  Many overweight men and women believe that they will be unable to find a partner (the perceived preference for a ‘slim’ partner) or use their overweight as a barrier to preclude sexual advances.

Fashion, rightly or wrongly, is geared to the slim person.  Very few fashion houses cater for over size 14 – despite the fact that the average Australian women is a size 14.  This limits the range available and often the larger sizes are more expensive.  This can lead to a  feeling of being left out, unable to attain the same ‘look’ as others, at the same price.

In The Workplace
Western society often equates overweight with laziness, ill-health, ignorance and unattractiveness.  Some employers consider the overweight person as a poor risk for long term employment.  Whilst discrimination on the basis of size is illegal, our clients tell us it continues, nevertheless.

Psychological Effects
Obesity may contribute to a sense of failure, general unhappiness, stress, insecurity, low self esteem, embarrassment and loneliness.

Health and Life Insurance Risk
Often, extra premiums are payable by overweight persons for health or life insurance.

Surgical Risks
Overweight is considered to be a severe complication for surgical procedures and as an increased risk for general anaesthesia.

Interpersonal Relationships
The overweight person may feel embarrassed in front of their partner, or by being touched.  For some, obesity may limit the full range of sexual activity or expression.

Fertility and Pregnancy Problems
There is some indication that overweight women are less likely to conceive than those with a healthy weight.  Recent research has shown that overweight women have a higher level of male hormones, exacerbating the problem.  Severe health problems may be experienced during pregnancy (such as high blood pressure, and Diabetes Type II), placing both mother and child at risk.

Physical Discomfort
Lack of energy to enjoy a high quality of life, fatigue, shortness of breath, joint pain and chaffing of skin may be experienced.

Overweight may preclude participation in many forms of exercise.  Handicaps occur due to lack of mobility, flexibility, exercise tolerance and grace of movement.

There is evidence to show that obesity may increase the risk of accident due to limitation of movement and a decrease in mobility, making it difficult to avoid hazardous situations.

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