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Water and Alcohol

Water  is  the primary transporter of nutrients throughout the body and helps maintain core body temperature.

Beer is well known as a common cause of the ‘beer belly syndrome’ we hear so much about. However, recent studies have shown that alcohol in the form of wine and spirits make a significant contribution in the form of additional (and often overlooked) calories/kilojoules.

According to a recent study, alcohol accounts for up to 10% of the daily total calorie intake for many regular drinkers.  A person consuming a 6-pack of beer per day contributes 900 calories per day or between 60-80% of the recommended calorie intake on a weight reducing program.

Water and Alcohol
Drink  water, not  just  to  quench thirst, but  also to replace bodily fluids as this prevents dehydration and constipation.

Tips To Help Increase Your Water Intake
Learn these great tips to help increase your intake of water

How Alcohol Is Treated By The Body
We could be forgiven for assuming that alcohol is similar to a carbohydrate, as it is derived from sugar, fruit and grain, is water soluble and is not stored in the body.

Some Tips For Reducing Alcohol Intake
Here are some tips to reduce your alcohol consumption and help you with yout weight loss goals

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