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Tips For Reducing Alcohol Intake

Below are some great tips to help you reduce your intake of alcohol. Like the fatty food that we eat, alcohol comsumption increase fat and should be considered in your weight loss plan.

If you are trying to reduce excess weight, it may be best to avoid alcohol altogether. However, if you do decide to drink, the following are some simple strategies you can try which will help reduce the amount of alcohol you consume.

  • Choose to drink alcohol on only 1-2 days per week, not every day.
  • If you do drink alcohol, drink slowly. Take sips, not gulps and put your glass down between sips.
  • Eat before you start drinking.  If you have a full stomach alcohol will be absorbed more slowly.
  • Avoid drinking in shouts or rounds.  If you do get into a shout, ask for a non-alcoholic drink instead.
  • Qench your thirst.  You will drink alcohol faster if you are thirsty, so have a non-alcoholic drink before drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t let people top up your drinks – it’s harder to keep track of how much you have had.
  • Watch out for the snacks – one of the problems with drinking is what you consume with alcohol – chips, nuts, etc!
  • For every glass of alcohol consumed, drink 3 glasses of water.

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