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The Self Help Works Diet Plan

I need people to contribute testimonies, experiences and any knowledge you might have about this and/or any diet plan.
Also: If you would like me to include other diet plans or offer a particular diet plan next, just let me know through my contact information page and I will look into it.

Self Help Works

A Site Quote:

The nation’s most effective system for lasting change • Audio/Visual based seminars • 12 months of support • Talk to your instructor • Confidential • Inspiring • Motivational • Used by Applied Materials, Apple Computer, County of San Diego, US Coast Guard, Hewlett Packard

Self Help Works: Breakthrough Program:

Are you tired of the diet roller coaster? Finally there is a breakthrough in permanent weight loss, a program from SelfHelpWorks, Inc. that really works.

Self Help Works: It’s called LivingLean™:

No Diets, Pills, Packaged Foods or Gimmicks Break free of your struggle with foods and eating without dieting, without pills, without packaged foods or feelings of deprivation. No matter how long you’ve been overweight, or whether you’ve taken Jenny Craig, Nutri-Systems, Fen Phen or all of them, with LivingLean™ you will succeed.

Self Help Works: The Only Guaranteed Program:

LivingLean™ is the only program so good that
SelfHelpWorks guarantees it. The principles used in Living Lean™ boasts the nation’s highest documented permanent success rate. Take half the program – if you are not happy with it, you can have your money back.

Self Help Works: Take our Tour:

You deserve the vibrant, high energy benefits of living lean. So grab your favorite snack foods and take our Tour , because in a few short days, you won’t care about them anymore.

Self Help Works: How The Programs Work:

Self Help Works: Proven:

These are same programs selected by major corporations and hospitals all across America. You can join over 150,000 others who have used them to successfully quit smoking, lose weight, or regain control over alcohol.

Self Help Works: Our Method:

While other programs and products generally provide short-term, band-aid solutions, Selfhelpworks treats the root emotional causes of your addictive behavior. This method, called structural cognitive training, teaches and helps you practice how to make rational rather than emotional decisions about food, cigarettes and alcohol.

Self Help Works: The Programs:

The 3 to 5 week programs are delivered entirely via the Internet. You are taught the principles of the program via engaging multimedia lectures and highly interactive feedback.

Self Help Works: A Few Highlights:

Self Help Works: Engaging:

The presentations use entertaining audio/video segments to teach the program principles. Each segment is followed by an interactive quiz.

Self Help Works: Simple:

You only need to use one button to operate the course. Everything else, your schedule, your emails, the feedback – are automated and simple to use.

Self Help Works: Personalized:

The program is customized to you. It guides, reinforces, and even cajoles you. Custom emails, personalized feedback, and your custom calendar help assure that you succeed.

Self Help Works: Smart:

The site gathers your feedback. By evaluating your responses, the site provides you personalized correction and motivation in several forms.

Self Help Works: Friendly:

Live internet radio call-in shows where you can discuss the course with pros, bulletin boards where you can share with other participants, and personal support from Selfhelpworks provide help and motivation.

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