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The Norwood Diet

Here is a site exerpt explaining the Norwood Diet Plan.
To date, I have not reeived any reader feedback nor have I been able to get any reliable reviews.

The material below is presented as “buyer beware”, and, as always, the choice is up to you.

Always be sure to consult a Physician before going on a diet or exercising, especially if you are over 40, over weight and haven’t exercised for a few years.

The Norwood Weight Loss Program (NWLP)
“My name is Dr. David Norwood and I have built this weight loss site to help counteract a great deal of ignorance and even misinformation regarding diets and weight loss on the internet.

As a Food Scientist who works in full-time laboratory research I saw the need for a website which presents accurate facts about weight loss which everyone can understand. In effect, I have set up a weight loss laboratory right here on this website so that you can investigate all you wish about weight loss.

This website presents you with accurate advice and information on weight loss matters, as well as introducing you to the incredibly popular Norwood Weight Loss Program which is 100% guaranteed to make you lose weight permanently and healthily.

We have also provided you with some excellent weight loss tools and links to some of the most useful weight loss sites on the web. So if you’re really serious about losing weight then read on!

My Own Story

My name is Dr.David E. Norwood. I am 35 years old and have been married to my wife Joyce for over 10 years. We have 3 great children, Matthew 8, Amy 6 and Beth 4.

I was overweight for years, trying a little diet here and there, losing some weight and then promptly putting it all back again. It was only when, at 243 pounds, when I got to the stage that I REALLY, REALLY wanted to lose weight that I REALLY DID lose it!

How did I do it? Keep reading…

I have a Ph.D in Food Science (Queens University of Belfast ) and am actively involved in Food Science research. However, I had never been involved in weight loss programs before I reached the point in my life where I myself, was really overweight and decided that I REALLY wanted to lose weight.

I had followed numerous so-called “quick fix” diets which, what do you know, weren’t quick and didn’t fix! So I said to myself,”David, you can do a lot better than the authors of these second-rate diet programs. You have the necessary academic background and you want to lose weight. So develop my Norwood diet plan, a healthy weight loss program that really works!”

The Norwood Weight Loss Program (NWLP) is the end result of 19 months research into how to lose weight permanently and healthily. I was the first to try the NWLP and was delighted to see the pounds disappearing – not overnight, but in a healthy and permanent manner.

I used the Norwood Weight Loss Program three times, for 4 weeks at a time over a 5-month period and lost 41 pounds! I am now a very contented 195 pounds. I may not look like Tom Cruse, but I’m a lot thinner and healthier than I was before I started – believe me!

I then let three of my friends test the Norwood Weight Loss Program and they were delighted at the results! I guess this quote from one of them, Brian Thompson, sums up the program:

“When I saw you lose all that weight David I wanted to do the same! When I tried the Norwood Weight Loss Program I was astounded at how easy it was to follow. The food was so good that I thought it couldn’t possibly work! But unbelievably, the weight just started to drop off!”

In the summer of 2000, having decided to let the Norwood Weight Loss Program loose on the wider world, I built the website. I knew the program worked, for not only had I and a number of friends been overjoyed at the results – a larger test sample from my local community had tried it when I advertised it in the local newspaper.

The results from this test were also extremely positive.

Since going online I have been thrilled at the response from people all around the world. Although I have offered a full money-back guarantee to any who weren’t delighted with the Norwood Weight Loss Program, I have had less than a 1% return.

Now I’ll never make much money from the Norwood Weight Loss Program since I’ve decided to keep the price at a level that everyone can afford. But it is VERY rewarding to hear from those who have literally had their lives changed by the Norwood Weight Loss Program.

Listen. I’ll not keep you back any longer. Study the full details of the Norwood Weight Loss Program and check the sample recipes and testimonials. But if you feel you want to have a REAL go at losing that weight that’s been such a nuisance at the very least and even heart-breaking in many cases, then what have you to lose?

Full details of the Norwood Weight Loss Program (NWLP)

What would you say if I told you that you could lose lots of weight and look sensational – plus keep it off for good?

The Norwood Weight Loss Program (NWLP) WILL help you do all this! It has been specifically developed for weight loss while still eating well. But even more importantly, it has been specially formulated to be healthy, satisfying and to give guaranteed weight loss!

Many so-called weight loss diets allow you only 1000 calories per day or less! The Norwood Weight Loss Program takes a totally different approach.

Scientific research into dieting shows us it is not necessary to eat as little as this to lose weight. Infact, such diets can actually make fat loss more difficult as they lead to loss of muscle tissue, which the body burns because it enters starvation mode!

This is one of the main reasons why the Norwood Weight Loss Program is not a conventional crash diet plan. It is totally counter productive to go on a slimming diet that you cannot live with and that doesn’t help you change the way you eat.

You’ll only enter the weight loss – weight gain yo-yoing which not only demoralizes you, but can put you at a greater health risk than if you had stayed overweight the whole time!

Although you will be reducing the amount of food you eat with the Norwood Weight Loss Program , the beauty of it is that it allows you to eat much more normally while still losing weight!

It will not leave you feeling exhausted or irritable because you will not be hungry and undernourished. And because the body is receiving the energy it needs, you are far less likely to be tempted to binge on fat, sugary snacks.

There are none of the nasty side-effects associated with low-calorie dieting, and you will not be burning off valuable muscle in order to keep your body ticking.

How the Norwood Weight Loss Program works:

The Norwood Weight Loss Program is based on positive motivation, increased exercise and a mouth-watering array of tasty meals and a variety of snacks.

There are no meals, supplements or pieces of equipment to buy.

The 70+ recipes provided in the program use common ingredients which can be purchased from any local supermarket.

The Norwood Weight Loss Program also teaches you how to become and STAY motivated to lose weight.

There are some exercises in the program but don’t be frightened off by visions of 10-mile runs. All the exercises can be done from the comfort and discretion of your own home!

Physical activity tones, firms and shapes muscles to bring about the body changes that all slimmers want to see. You can follow the Norwood Weight Loss Program for as little or as long as you like, depending on the amount of weight you want to lose.

NEW from January 2003

How to Turbo-Boost your Metabolic Rate! A brand new section of the Norwood Weight Loss Program reveals to you the secrets to dramatically boosting your body’s metabolic rate, even without going on a diet!

We reveal to you the latest scientific research which has uncovered 10 ways to dramatically increase your metabolic rate which makes it a lot easier to lose weight!

Find out how and when to exercise; which foods increase your metabolic rate; which beverage increases your metabolic rate; which is the only safe supplement that increases metabolic rate; how your sleeping and eating patterns affect metabolic rate and more! How much weight will you lose?

By following the Norwood Weight Loss Program you will lose AT LEAST 2-3 pounds of PURE fat a week! Even better, the more overweight you are the more weight you will lose per week. So 2-3 pounds loss of fat per week is the very minimum you will be losing on this program!

Add to that the usual water and glycogen (stored energy) that occurs during the first week of slimming, and the amount could go up to 6-7 pounds weight loss in the first week!

So, in a month you will lose AT LEAST 11-15 pounds of pure fat! And because you will be losing the weight at a moderate-but effective, rate, it will stay off PERMANENTLY.

The Meals

The Norwood Weight Loss Program is famous for its amazing choice of mouth-watering meals. We know that no one person is the same as another, and that we all have different preferences in appetite.

The Norwood Weight Loss Program has therefore been specially constructed to give a wide variety of tasty foods to suit varying palates.

We also appreciate that not everyone has the time to prepare fancy meals and thus we give you a wide choice of some fantastic quick meals as well as some of the most famous dishes from around the world.

A further factor in constructing the meals for the Norwood Weight Loss Program was that while some recipes are perfect for the whole family, the majority are for individual servings only – all depending on your own circumstances.

Below we have listed just a small sample of the meals available in the Norwood Weight Loss Program. You’ll be amazed at what you can eat on one of the most popular weight loss programs on the Internet! All our customers absolutely love it!

Sample Lunches
Cheese and Pickle Stuffed Jacket Potato, with Salad or Coleslaw;
Savory Minced Beef Stuffed Jacket Potato, with Salad or Coleslaw;
Fish Fingers and Baked Beans;
Chicken Drumsticks with Baked Beans;
Prawn and Salad Sandwiches plus fruit;
Ham and Mushroom Pizza.

Sample Dinners
Spaghetti Bolognese;
Sweet Chilli King Prawns and Rice;
Spicy Chicken and Rice;
Jamaican Rice and Peas;
Baked Chicken, Jacket Potato and Corn;
Grilled Beefburger with Baked Potato and Peas.”

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