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Ten Tips For Treating A Male Yeast Infection

A yeast infection is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. This organism lives on humans in low numbers while they are healthy and their body is kept in balance.  If a person is ill, has taken antibiotics or for any other reason there is an imbalance in their body, the opportunistic fungus will take its chance to rapidly increase in numbers.  This increase in the number of fungal organisms is what leads to the yeast infection.  Understanding how this problem arises and the fact that the organism is fungal (and not bacterial or viral) is important in making the right choices for treating a male yeast infection.

In order to help you understand what options are available, the following are ten useful tips for treating a male yeast infection.

Avoid using strong bathing products, soaps or other harsh solutions on the infected area Cleanse the area with diluted Witches Hazel Get an over the counter anti-fungal medication and lotion or cream from your pharmacist Apply diluted Tea Tree Oil on the area Reduce the yeast rich food and drinks in your diet such as bread, beer or red wine Try a natural approach – take a probiotic treatment and eat more yogurt Improve your overall nutrition and boost your body’s natural immunity If you have a partner or spouse, then make sure they are also treated so that you don’t re-infect each other Wear breathable clothing that won’t cause moisture to build up and aid fungal growth Seek medical advice if necessary

Choosing the right treatment option

If you are still confused about what the best course of action for treating a male yeast infection is, then you may want to seek advice from a naturopath, a physician or a pharmacist.  Each of these health professionals can offer different levels and types of advice.

Pharmacist – A pharmacist will be able to advise you on over the counter oral medications and lotions that can be applied to the infected area.  This is often a simple and effective way of approaching the problem if it is quite straightforward.

Naturopath – A naturopath can provide you with guidance about the types of natural therapies available for treating a male yeast infection.  They can also help by recommending lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements that will help you improve your health and wellbeing to both fight the infection and keep it at bay in the future.  This is a particularly useful option if you have recurring infections.

Physician – Seeing a physician or doctor may be a first or last resort, which is often about individual attitudes to health.   If seeing a doctor is your preferred option, then by all means you should speak with them and seek treatment.  If you’re the sort who avoids seeing the doctor at all costs, then you may prefer to try other options first.  However, if you have tried natural options and over the counter medications from a pharmacy and you still have problems, then you must seek medical advice.  It could be that you have something more serious which only a doctor will be able to diagnose.

Treating a male yeast infection can be done in a number of ways and by using a variety of approaches as listed above.  Once you understand the cause of the problem and the options available for treatment, then you can select a treatment or course of action that you feel comfortable with and which you will be able to stick with in order to clear up the infection.

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