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Simplified Weight Loss

This is the Diet Plan as described on the website. The claims made, the results and the benefits of this diet are made by the Simplified Weight Loss site and I might or might not agree with the statements found in this article.

Please give Feed Back if you have any experience (good or bad), with this diet plan.

Obesity can kill you. It causes cancer, diabetes, depression, gallbladder disease, gout, heart attack, heart disease, hypertension, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, stroke and other physical and mental complications

Why Does The Simplified Weight Loss Low Carb Diet Work?

Carbohydrates stimulate the body to produce a hormone called Insulin. Insulin controls the movement of sugar from food into the cells of the body where it is then either used for energy or stored as fat.

Years of excessive insulin production (Hyperinsulinemia) from eating high amounts of carbohydrates leads to a steady decrease in the sensitivity of the cells to insulin which in turn leads to the body having to make more and more insulin to get the same job done. This condition is known as “Insulin Resistance” and if left untreated it eventually leads to high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity and type II diabetes.

Restricting your consumption of high carbohydrate foods, as prescribed in the simplified weight loss diet, is the most effective way to control and cure Insulin Resistance and the host of disorders and health problems which typically accompany it.

Personally, I’ve never known anyone to have trouble losing weight who correctly went about a low carb diet like the simplified weight loss diet. You can and will succeed. Read my book, see how I did it, and follow in my footsteps. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out on your own. It took me several tries to get it right – even after friends told me how it should be done.

After months and months of research, I found that what they told me was wrong. I want to see you lose weight and I’ll be there to help you along the way with the simplified weight loss plan. If you buy my e-book, you’ll have my personal support through e-mail.

Please keep in mind. The simplified weight loss plan is not a no carb diet . Eating no carbohydrates is not a healthy way to go about life. All you want to do is limit your carbohydrate intake. That’s all, nothing else. We’re going to re-teach your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. Wouldn’t you rather burn fat than carbohydrates? Once we succeed with the simplified weight loss plan, we can slowly re-introduce carbohydrates without interrupting our new fat-burning system.

Did you know? Type II diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate overload.

By eating carbohydrates in quantities that humans were never designed to eat, people have simply overwhelmed their bodies’ natural ability to process these sugars.

How can a physician say that you have too much glucose in your blood, but that you don’t have to worry about how much sugar you eat? This is both preposterous and dangerous.

Don’t be fooled by those who insist that reducing carbohydrate intake, as on the simplified weight loss diet, will not help diabetics (or help prevent diabetes and heart disease for that matter).

Source: Lutz, Wolfgang, M.D., Allan, Christian B., Life Without Bread p. 46

How does the simplified weight loss diet burn fat?

Extensive research has proven that dietary fat is not necessarily converted into body fat. Carbohydrates are readily converted into fat as an action of insulin. According to many experts, most overweight people became overweight due to hyperinsulinemia – elevated insulin levels in the blood, this is remedied by the simplified weight loss diet plan.

When you eat a meal high in carbohydrates, the increased blood sugar stimulates insulin production by the pancreas. Insulin is the hormone that allows blood sugar to be used by the cells. Here, again, we eliminate this imbalance with the simplified weight loss diet.

A side effect of insulin is that it also causes fat to be deposited. It stimulates your brain to produce hunger signals. Naturally, you then eat more carbohydrates, and the cycle repeats itself. Not with the simplified weight loss diet.

Over time, your cells become resistant to insulin, meaning that your pancreas has to work overtime, producing up to four or five times as much insulin as it normally does just to keep up with the high demand for it. It’s been shown that high levels of insulin have a harmful effect on the body. How does premature aging strike you? Reduce these harmful effects with the simplified weight loss diet.

Limiting the intake of carbohydrates puts an end to this cycle. When you reduce your carbohydrate intake, with the simplified weight loss diet, your insulin levels decrease and the levels of glucagon increase. Glucagon is the hormone that causes body fat to be burned and cholesterol to be removed from deposits in the arteries.

If you severely restrict carbohydrates, the body goes into a state called ketosis – this is the burning of fat with the subsequent production of ketone bodies in your bloodstream. What is the result of ketosis? Your blood sugar levels stabilize, your insulin level drops, and you burn fat. This , again, is accomplished in with the simplified weight loss diet.

There are inexpensive ketone test strips on the market so you can find out when you’re in ketosis or not.

When the simplified weight loss diet causes your body to go into ketosis, it’s considered a ketogenic diet. For most people, restricting carbohydrate intake to less than 30 grams a day will induce ketosis. Most people on the simplified weight loss diet lose weight quickly.

While diet experts believe ketosis is a safe condition, it’s not necessary to lose weight. If you choose a higher level of carbohydrates than needed to bring on ketosis, you may need to limit your total caloric intake in order to lose weight.

Personally, on the simplified weight loss diet, I stayed in ketosis for a short period of time to get results quickly. Over time, I increased my carbohydrate intake and lost weight over several months.

Though while in Ketosis, on the simplified weight loss plan, I lost a lot of weight very quickly. That satisfied me enough to relax and lose the rest slowly…

For diabetics who aren’t obese, it certainly isn’t necessary to be in ketosis for the benefits of the simplified weight loss diet. It’s possible to bring your blood glucose levels under control without being in ketosis.

If you need to lose a considerable amount of weight, a ketogenic diet is the most effective way of bringing your weight back to a reasonable number, and this is easily achieved with the simplified weight loss diet.

Okay. I’m going to burn lots of fat on this simplified weight loss, low carb diet. But is it healthy?

Is The Simplified Weight Loss, Low Carbohydrate Diet Healthy?

On the simplified weight loss, low carb diet it isn’t necessary to count calories. You can eat as much as you want – whenever you want. Of course, you still shouldn’t over-stuff yourself because that’s not a healthy way to live.

Being that some people are metabolically resistant, reducing total food intake may help to stimulate or maintain consistent weight loss.

Still, it’s the carbohydrates – not the calories which must be kept low. Again, this is accomplished with the simplified weight loss diet.

Since on the simplified weight loss, low carb diet you are eating fats and oils, you’re rarely ever hungry. In general, foods high in fat are very satisfying.

Eating high levels of fat will actually cause you to burn fat faster than if you were fasting! During a fast, your body goes into starvation mode. This is a very high efficiency state of metabolism. It actually slows down weight loss.

A high fat diet combined with very low amounts of carbohydrates, like the simplified weight loss diet, tells your body it isn’t starving, and your metabolism maintains a normal level.

While consuming fat is a requirement for a healthy diet, limit consumption of trans-fats like margarine. Use real butter. It’s a good fat. Good fats are found in olive oil, flax seed oil, canola oil, and oils found in nuts. You can eat all these good foods with the simplified weight loss diet plan.

More: Is the simplified weight loss diet healthy?

On the simplified weight loss, low carb diet, you can lose weight consistently, lower your insulin levels, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and stabilize your blood sugar (great for diabetics).

“What about fruits and vegetables”, you ask?

Since you’ll be eating less of these on the simplified weight loss diet, it’s important to take a good full-spectrum multi vitamin and fiber supplement. But aren’t these good to take anyway? You bet…

Have you been consistently subjected to a diet high in sugar or refined carbohydrates. Your body recognizes only one carbohydrate: sugar.

All carbohydrates you eat, except fiber, are converted into sugar. Eating a diet that’s 70% carbohydrate means that most of what you eat is sugar. That type of diet is unbalanced.

The purpose of the simplified weight loss, low carbohydrate diet is to bring your body chemistry and insulin sensitivity back into balance. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to eat a diet that is unbalanced in the opposite direction of the way you’ve been eating all your life.

Once the weight is gone, and your blood chemistry, blood pressure, and energy levels are back in the normal range, then you may be able to start adding some more complex carbohydrates back into your diet.

By eating a moderate amount of foods like vegetables and berries, and a limited amount of grains like whole-grain breads and beans, your diet will then be balanced and you can stop taking the supplements. The simplified weight loss, low carbohydrate diet is not as unbalanced as you might think, though. The foods you can eat on a low carb diet contain many essential vitamins and minerals.

Message from the author (02.20.03): Someone asked me this morning, “Is your simplified weight loss, low carb diet plan a gentler version?” –

Yes, you can definitely say that. Other low carb diets still work great – but they’re very difficult to remain on for long periods of time.

Most people cannot do regular low carb diets properly. That’s why I tried many different versions and strategies until I found the simplified weight loss plan, and it worked flawlessly without any trouble at all..

I hope you do consider trying my simplified weight loss diet. It really does work and you have more than enough time to make a very big difference in your life by Summer…

Thank you, Sal Colascione III

Okay ….

First of all, our simplified weight loss diet is not a no carb diet. Our simplified weight loss diet is a low carbiet. A no carb diet is not a good idea.

Second of all, it’s nearly impossible. You need carbohydrates. If you’re over weight and you eat lots of carbohydrates, you’re just a carbohydrate addict. No biggie. Lots of us are, err, were!

There are carbohydrates in just about everything we eat. And even on the simplified weight loss, low carbohydrate diet, you still need to consume at least 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. It’s only that low in the beginning, and you may eventually be able to move up to 90 carbohydrates per day without gaining weight.

Keep in mind, everyone is different. Some people can go higher and some people must stay a bit lower.

You don’t need to take drastic measures to lose weight. Try the simplified weight loss version of the low carbohydrate diet and you will find success.

Low carb diets like simplified weight loss, are diets that work. With a little bit of patience, you can create a new you in no time. If you’ve been to any health stores lately, you’ll have seen a shelf of low carb diet products.

This is not a fad, my friend. The low carb diet concept, like the simplified weight loss diet, has been around since before you and I were born. Fads do not last this long. These low carb diet products are getting their own shelves in stores because they sell. Why? Because the simplified weight loss, low carbohydrate diet works…

Is this the year you’re going to lose the weight? And keep it off? Is that what you want? Do you really? Then let’s get started with the simplified weight loss diet.

Just follow in my foot steps and I’ll lead the way with the simplified weight loss plan. If I had someone to do this for me, I’d have saved about a year. Time is far too valuable to waste.

Simplified Weight Loss: “The One Low Carb Diet That Always Works”

Simplified Weight Loss:
Currently featured in Diet&Body & ClickBank as one of the best diets online!

Have you given up on weight loss? Have you tried program after program with no success?

Are you tired of trying? Start now with the simplified weight loss diet, for a new you by Spring/Summer 2003!

Like most things in life, there’s an 80-20 formula. Most of what I tried in the beginning was a waste of time. I boiled the whole process down in the simplified weight loss diet, to doing a small number of things precisely.

This trial-and-error process developed a tight battlefield-tested system that works – the simplified weight loss diet – and it will work for you (and save you the 12 month learning curve).

Don’t make the same low carb diet mistakes that everybody makes. Many people struggle through a low carb diet and give up with little or no results. Losing weight on this, simplified weight loss, diet is extremely easy. Let me show you exactly how to do it safely, effectively, and properly so that you lose weight quickly and keep it off for good. We’ll make the simplified weight loss diet, the last diet you ever need – and most of all we’ll make it fun.

Pasta, chocolate, ice cream, bagels, cereal, cake, bread, donuts, tacos, hot dogs and cheeseburgers with buns – Impossible?! Not on the simplified weight loss, low carb diet! I’ll show you how. Would you like to lose weight?

When you eat carbohydrates your body releases insulin. When your body releases insulin you crave carbohydrates. This, simplified weight loss diet will help you to break this bad habit and lose weight faster than any other diet. Your success is guaranteed. Read on for more information.

News: Switching to a low carbohydrate diet, like the simplified weight loss plan, may reduce the risk of cancer.

Article One:

Please take a deep breath and relax before you read this. Seriously. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. I bet this will be your first deep breath of the day. Go ahead. Picture the first outfit you’ll buy after you’ve accomplished your goal…

Thank you.. Now we can move on…

Why does the simplified weight loss, low carb diet work?

The reality is, it works because you can stay on this diet for long periods of time (or for good, if desired) without the urge to stop.

How does the simplified weight loss, low carb diet work?

Right now, your body is burning carbohydrates for energy. If you go for a jog, your body will burn carbohydrates for fuel. The fat will still be stored on your body.

If you don’t eat many carbohydrates, your body will look for an alternative source of energy. Fat! Over time, a low carb diet will reprogram your body to burn fat for its energy first, then carbohydrates second.

In the beginning, with the simplified weight loss diet, you’ll start with only a few carbohydrates per day. As time goes on, you’ll carefully begin to add a few more carbohydrates here and there – and your body will continue on with its new habit of burning fat for fuel. This is what nature had intended.

More about WHY the simplified weight loss, low carb diet works:

As time goes on, your body will get used to burning stored fat for energy. When you start losing weight – which usually starts happening during your first few days – you will have successfully begun the process of reprogramming your body to do the right thing: burn fat instead of carbohydrates!

Just before I sat down a moment ago, I had a bowl of chocolate cereal with milk. Altogether, it was about ten carbohydrates – max. 🙂 Life is good. (And it wasn’t a little bowl of cereal either).

Oh, I can’t leave out that I had a hot dog and a cheeseburger (each with low carbohydrate rolls and ketchup) just before that. After lunch, I needed something sweet. That’s where the bowl of cereal came in. Maybe later I’ll have some ice cream…

When I started on this diet over a year ago, I wondered how I would do it. No bread! No sugar! Ever again?! How would I manage this?!

Well, needless to say, I failed on my first attempt (and several thereafter). Eventually, while out with friends at an ice-cream parlor, I ate some ice cream and canned my low carb diet.

It worked well while it lasted! I lost ten pounds in less than two weeks. My face looked thinner and I managed to pop into a new hole on my belt. But, as soon as I lost control and started eating carbohydrates again, the weight came back.

Being determined to change my life once and for all and lose weight for good, I pursued the low carb diet with feverish research (which I have compiled in my book) and came to this conclusion:

You do not have to give up your favorite foods while on a low carb diet.

There are low carb diet substitutes for just about every snack you can imagine! And if they weren’t any good, I probably would never have been successful.

Are you excited? I hope you have a big appetite because you’re going to eat a lot on the simplified weight loss diet.

Did you know? Eating too much protein can raise blood sugar just like carbohydrates!

If I could show you how to lose 25 pounds in your first month – wouldn’t this diet be worth a try?

Please visualize yourself thin for a moment. I promise you it can happen. Go ahead. Can you see it? There’s a perfect body just waiting to be uncovered. We all have a perfect body underneath. Most of us just need a little push. The low carb diet is like no other. Once you’re in the groove, you don’t stop losing weight! It just keeps coming off…

Unfortunately, in this life, it’s the better-looking, thinner person who is more socially accepted. Generally, people seem to judge a book by its cover and the thinner person gets the job.

Picture this. You’re looking to fill a position within your company and the decision is between two applicants. Think for a moment and be honest with yourself.

Which one do you pick? If they both qualify equally, both have a similar personality, and both have the same credentials, would you pick the person who looks worse?

Who will you want to see in your office every day? If they’re both going to do their job the same way, just as good as the other – then why not have the one who looks better? The one who looks to have more discipline and/or self-respect. Right?

If the temperature outside would be the same whether it’s a sunny day with puffy white clouds or a cloudy day with heavy, dark clouds, which would you pick?

That’s a no-brainer. You’d pick the sunny skies with the puffy white clouds. There’s no other logical approach. If you want to lose weight right now,your next decision is a no-brainer.

So, let’s get you started on the road to success. Not only will you feel better once you’ve lost your excess weight, but people will look upon you in a more positive way. Don’t forget the health benefits either. Less weight means less work for your heart. I was born with a heart condition (supraventricular tachycardia) – so I only do what’s best for my heart…

Just keep in mind that the longer you wait and the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. No matter what your age, you’re still younger today than you will be tomorrow.

Lose the weight now while it’s still easy! Wasting time isn’t doing anything for you. And once the fat is gone, it’s gone for good as long as you increase your carbohydrate intake exactly how I say. Remember – It’s not difficult at all if you just follow my lead.

Your metabolism slows down as time goes on and that means burning fat will become more difficult. So there’s no better time to lose weight than right now. The time is now!

Article 3:

Imagine the feeling of satisfaction when family and friends start taking notice of the new you…

So, you want to lose weight and keep it off once and for all! Well, it’s not going to be so difficult anymore.

I give you my word – I’ve never gone hungry one day since I started this low carb diet…

It was very easy for me to lose weight the way I did it. And I lost most of the weight within the first few months. I’m still looking to lose another ten pounds – and I will – as soon as I stop mass cheating for a few weeks (Yes, it’s possible to cheat without gaining back any substantial amount of weight on this low carb diet).

Anyway, many people refer to this low carb diet as the Atkins diet – but, it’s not. In my opinion, the Atkins diet is a bit strict – I think it’s too difficult for the average person to eat that way, consistently, forever.

The big problem for me with the Atkins diet is that I couldn’t eat pasta, bread, or sugar – basically ever!

Sounds hard, doesn’t it? Well, you can find pasta that you can eat. You’ll be able to have things like pasta shells, elbows, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese.

Pretty nice considering you’re only eating a few carbohydrates while you’re doing it. And I’m talking about a whole plate of this stuff with only five or ten carbohydrates!

Also, you can find bread! Yes, bread! You can have a sandwich with less than ten carbohydrates too!

Update as of 01.31.03 – Now you can have a sandwich with only 6 carbohydates.

New products are constantly filling the shelves in stores. It’s a nice feeling knowing that you can throw ham, cheese, turkey, roast beef, bologna, and chicken, with lettuce, bacon, and mayonnaise between two nice slices of bread and eat it! And still lose weight!

You can’t do that on other low carb diets. Can you? Sometimes I make my own bread and add cinnamon. Imagine hot cinnamon swirl toast with melted butter. And you thought my low carb diet would be difficult?

Oh, and you can find great-tasting sugar substitutes that won’t raise your blood sugar!

Aspartame (the blue package) is NOT good for low carb dieters. There are fairly new sugar substitutes that the general public is just becoming familiar with. No chemicals, either! One of them is even made from sugar but does not raise your blood sugar levels – and tastes absolutely amazing…

You can find chocolate bars with only a couple of carbohydrates per bar! And they taste like real chocolate, too. (Oh, and they’re not little baby bars either. That’s the trick in most cases.

They quote, “1 carbohydrate per bar!” – meanwhile, one bar is only the size of two bites.

Another trick is “1 carbohydrate per serving”. Do you know how small that serving is?)

Even the consistency of the chocolate bars I’m going to show you is like nothing you’d expect from something with so few carbohydrates. You will not know the difference!

You’re really not going to be missing out on much in this new way of life. There are even cookies and crackers that you can eat. Just last weekend I made a batch of low carb peanut butter cookies with low carb diet chocolate chips! You have no idea how good these things are!

There’s pretty much a substitute for everything except fruit and vegetables. But, you can eat some fruits and some vegetables that are low in carbohydrates. I’ll give you a complete run-down in the e-book.

There are potato substitutes that you can make mashed potatoes or French fries with. There are low carb diet chips popping up here and there.

There’s low carb diet ice cream that tastes just like regular high sugar – high carbohydrate ice cream.

Before you know it, there will be all kinds of goodies that we can eat and still lose weight.

The fact that you’ve read this far indicates that you’re serious about losing weight with a low carb diet. If you’re trying to end your weight problem – Don’t procrastinate any longer!

Close your eyes and imagine how much you weigh now and how much you will weigh in the future if you do nothing right now. Visualize using our system to lose all the weight you want and keep it off forever. Watch all your weight melt away, leaving you a healthy, attractive body…

If you follow the simple steps in this low carb diet, it will change your life forever – in more ways than one.

Did you know? Many people can return to 90 carbohydrates per day and still benefit from a low carb diet.

Sounds great doesn’t it! Go for it! Then send feedback.

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