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Combining Work and Career with Healthy Eating

There is no doubt that healthy eating is important as part of your weight loss plan. However there are many problems people may face when in the scene of career and work. Below are some solutions and strategies to help you overcome this.

The Problem: The night club scene
Strategy: The “glass in the hand” is the most important thing.  Ask for soda with a twist, or soda, lime and bitters.  Dancing is one of the best exercises around – dance more and drink less and avoid the high fat nuts, chips and snacks.

The Problem: I have all these great recipes my family loves.
Strategy:  Make-over favourite recipes into a low fat format, using less oil, cream or butter, and more low fat yoghurt.  Substitute herbs and spices for high salt.

The Problem: I’m on the road all day and all there is available is the high fat fast foods.
Strategy: The best solution is to take your own in a small esky.  You’ll also save a lot of money.  If you cant do this, any small milk bar will make you a salad roll, and provide you with a cold spring water and a piece of fruit.

The Problem: I travel interstate/overseas all the time and staying in hotels is a real trap.
Strategy: Ask the hotel to remove the mini bar.  Go to the nearest supermarket and purchase fruit, breakfast cereal and skim milk.  Ask for what you want for lunch and dinner even if it’s not on the menu.  Remember, you’re the one who is paying and most restaurants will be only too pleased to meet your needs.

The Problem: Whenever I begin to lose weight people begin teasing me with, “On yet another diet are we!”
Strategy: Say “No, I’m not on a diet, I’m just developing a healthier lifestyle, like yours!”

The Problem: People keep offering me unwanted food
Strategy: Say, “It looks great, I’ll have a piece later.”

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