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Balanced Diet

There are so many fad weight loss diets on the market today. So which diet constitutes a well balanced one? Each day our bodies require nutrients derived from the major food groups, plus vitamins and minerals and co-enzymes, and of course, water. For a well balanced diet, we need to look at these nutrients:

Protein foods, derived from meat, chicken, fish and vegetable protein.  Recommended servings of animal/fish protein are two serves per day of 120gm per serve for women, and two serves per day of 180gm for men.  Some individuals (such as elite sportsmen and women) may require additional protein.

Fruits and vegetables (ideally derived from a wide variety of fresh, in season produce) in amounts of 3-4 fruit choices per day, 4-5 vegetables choices per day, plus a large serve of salad greens.  Legumes in the form of soya, lentils and other dried pulses should also form part of this daily intake.

Bread, rice, cereal, pasta (ideally of the wholegrain variety) should be included in serves of one-two serves per day.  We require some essential fats each day in the form of low fat dairy products and quality fatty omega acids such as cold pressed olive oil.

Water is essential to wellbeing and 6-8 glasses should be taken daily.  Most of us, even if we are careful about what we eat, also require vitamin supplementation to promote optimal nutrition.  By following an eating regimen each day rich in essential nutrients and low in fats, salt, sugar, alcohol and highly processed convenience foods and caffeine we promote wellness, increase energy and help prevent illness.

An efficient digestive system is vital for good health.  Without it, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fats, proteins and carbohydrates cannot be absorbed by the body and used to build and maintain cells.

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